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Accufit™ Body Contouring

Confident Med Spa is thrilled to offer Lutronic’s newest FDA cleared medical device. Accufit™ is an intelligently designed system that burns fat and tones muscle through targeted muscle activation treatments. This third-generation muscle sculpting device precisely administers controlled energy flow through targeted muscles groups triggering comprehensive muscle engagement with movements such as twist, hold, grip and tap. These muscle movements are commonly employed during activities such as yoga, weight training, sculpting and muscle message.

Strengthen your core, glutes, legs and arms with accuracy and control. Reduce strain and discomfort from daily activities and increase muscle definition the intelligent, joint friendly, low-impact way.

How It Works

  • Reentry to exercise programs or gyms
  • Fititness/beauty events competitors
  • Post-surgical patients with limited mobility
  • Limited access to gym/fitness facilities
  • Post injury patients


Accufit™ is the third-generation muscle stimulation device cleared by FDA for aesthetic use in the US market.

How It Works

  • Direct stimulation enables targeting of a wide variety of muscle groups
  • Real-Time Impedance Feedback system
  • Enables comprehensive treatment algorithms to maximize muscle toning/conditioning
  • Unique waveforms enable both muscle contraction and lengthening
  • Interlaced programs to optimize delivered therapy and treatment speed
  • Quick & Easy for practitioner and patient

How many treatments do I need and does it hurt?

We recommend a series of 4 treatments, but most patients begin seeing improvement in muscle tone after the second session. There is zero discomfort and no downtime with the Accufit™ treatment and you can resume your normal activities immediately.

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