Spider Veins

Condition Summary:

Spider veins are small, visible blood vessels near the skin’s surface that look like thin lines, webs, or branches. They can be red, blue, or purple. Spider Veins are most commonly found on the legs and face. These veins happen when tiny blood vessels become weak or damaged. They’re usually not harmful but can bother some people because of how they look. Although they can cause pain or discomfort.


Genetics, hormones, sun exposure, injury, pregnancy

Treatments Explained:

The treatment options for spider veins will vary depending on a case to case basis. A provider considers factors like the size and the person’s health. They might suggest a mix of treatments, like using various laser treatments to gently break down the veins, which fades them over time. Other options like injections could also be used. Talking to a healthcare professional will help decide the best plan.

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