The Deka is the more intense of the CO2 laser treatments we offer, penetrating deep into the skin. It works by creating controlled damage to the skin creating cell turn and leaving you with younger healthier-looking skin.

Procedure Description

The Deka is the more aggressive CO2 laser treatment. This treatment penetrates deeper into the skin. The purpose of this treatment is to refresh and revitalize your skin by stimulating skin cell turnover. It works by attracting to the water in your skin at the cellular level creating a molecular shift. Over time, these treatments stimulate increased elastin and collagen growth, which can improve acne scars, wrinkles, texture, sun damage, fine lines, loose skin, stretch marks, surgical scars, and more.

Procedure Time

about 30 minutes

What it Treats

Recovery Time & Side Effects

The CO2 treatment is quick and relatively painless – causing mild to moderate pain depending on the individual. For those with pain concerns, we offer a numbing and cooling treatment to ensure optimal comfort. The downtime for a treatment is about 7-10 days due to the higher intensity of the treatment. A typical treatment can leave patients feeling red and dry for the first day, diminishing as the days go on leaving you with sandpaper-like skin on the area that was treated.


Over time the Deka improves the overall texture and complexion of the skin being treated while also firming and tightening. For the best results, we recommend 3-5 treatments.

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