Genius RF

The Genius RF is a skin treatment that uses a combination of radio frecuency (heat) and series of tiny needles to create mirco channels in the skin increasing the collogen and elastine levles improving the skins overall appearance.

Procedure Description

The Genius RF treatment is available at our Epping location, while we offer an alternative option for our other locations. Utilizing tiny microneedles, the Genius RF treatment penetrates the skin at three different levels. Simultaneously, radio frequency is used to heat the tissue, stimulating new collagen production. Through this precisely controlled process, the skin experiences a tightening and lifting effect. The outcome of this procedure is smoother and more youthful-looking skin. Optimal results are typically achieved after 3-5 sessions. By inducing controlled damage, the treatment increases the elastin and collagen levels, visibly improving overall pigmentation and texture of the skin being treated.

Procedure Time

Treatment is about 45 minutes with numbing 30 minutes prior

What it Treats

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Recovery Time & Side Effects

The expected downtime for an individual undergoing a Genius RF microneedling treatment averages around 7 days, but it could extend up to 2 weeks preceding the procedure. Clients can anticipate experiencing mild redness and swelling, which may persist for several days. Additionally, the skin could remain red, flaky, and maintain a slightly rough texture akin to “sandpaper” for a few more days.


Over time RF microneedling treatments will tighten and lifts skin resulting in a smoother and more youthful look.

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